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Tips for a Cleaner Inspection

Tips for Buyers

  • Allow the inspector some “alone” time at the beginning of the inspection.  This is a crucial time for the inspector to view the major components of the house and will require time in the roof and attic spaces.

  • Provide any potential concerns to the inspector prior to the inspection to ensure they are addressed in adequate detail.

  • Relax and follow the steps outlined in the report if repair or further evaluation is recommended.  Remember, your inspector and realtor have seen this all before.

Tips for Sellers


  • Remove clutter to ensure easy access to key areas, such as the electrical panel (cover will be removed) and the attic.


  • Leave the house in the capable hands of the inspector if at all possible.  This time is set aside for the benefit of the buyer.
  • Remove pets if possible.
  • Ensure working bulbs are installed in all light fixtures.
  • Ensure all smoke detectors are functional with green lights illuminated.
  • Leave service and repair documents, pest treatment documents, etc. out for the inspector to view.  This can save unnecessary calls for service.

  • Don’t hesitate to contact the inspector for questions related to any repairs requested by the buyer.  We’re here to help.
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